5 Things to Consider Before Building Your Dream Home

Everybody yearns to own a home at some point in life. Rolando of Remarkable Industrial Services shared with me that building your home enables you to create a comfortable lifestyle for your family. The idea of building a house is exciting. However, it comes with challenges that you must overcome to live your dream. Knowing the things to consider before you construct your home enhances your chances of ending up with your dream house. Here are the top 5 things to have in mind when building your home.

Budgeting is Essential

If you don’t budget properly, you could run out of funds before you finish building your house. Therefore, start by budgeting for your project. Sit down with the experts that will be involved in your construction project to discuss the estimates. The cost of building your home will depend on factors like size, location, procurement route, design, construction type, and project management. Also, remember that costs may exceed the estimates in some cases. Therefore, set aside some funds for miscellaneous expenses.

Construction Location Matters

Location is also an essential factor to consider when building your dream home. Select a desirable location based on your lifestyle and plans. Location can affect your lifestyle and home value. Therefore, consider amenities and facilities you can access when living in an area where you want to build your new home.

Hiring a Professional House Designer and Builder

It would help if you worked with professionals to end up with your dream house. A professional designer will come up with a house design that caters to your needs and lifestyle. They will also ensure that your finished house will be aesthetically pleasing. The builder will turn the design into a home. They will make sure that the final home meets your expectations.

Quality of Construction Materials Matters

The quality of the construction materials will influence the strength, durability, and look of your building. Therefore, make sure that the builder you choose uses quality materials. Ideally, your builder should not compromise in any way when it comes to quality.

Consider these things before building your dream home to end up with a beautiful house that will last longer without losing its appeal.

How Much Money Do You Need to Build a House?

Woman signing construction contract with contractor to build a house

Building a house is by no means a small undertaking. It’s a major investment in the lives of most people. Some go through life without building their dream homes. This can be attributed to the high cost of building a good house. Here is what you need to know about the cost of building a house. 

The Cost of Building a House per Square Footage 

Most construction experts say that the cost of building a house ranges from $163,333 and $483,868.When it comes to square footage, the cost of a new construction varies between $100 and $200. Nevertheless, luxury and customized homes can cost more than this. 

To get a better idea of the amount that you’re likely to spend on the construction of your dream home, request a free estimate. A professional contractor will consider the unique needs of the house that you want to build to give you a more accurate estimate. 

What Goes into the Construction Costs? 

When budgeting for your building project, make sure that more funding goes to construction and materials. As such, your choice of construction materials and the experts to work with will have a significant influence on the amount you will spend on the project. 

Some of the major construction stages to consider when budgeting include: 

  • Foundation 
  • Superstructure 
  • Floor structure 
  • Roof structure 
  • Electrics 
  • Drainage 
  • Heating and plumbing 
  • Plastering 
  • Internal carpentry 
  • Flooring 
  • Tiling 
  • Decoration 

The design of your house will influence its size, the materials, and the labor required to build it. Therefore, talk with your architect about your budget. Your architect can liaise with the contractor to ensure that you end up with a house design that can be catered for by your budget. Also, look for ways to reduce the cost of building a house and implement them to get the most from your construction project. Nevertheless, don’t compromise on quality while trying to save money.

The Most Energy-efficient Construction Materials

When building a house from scratch, most people want to make it more energy-efficient. One of the best ways to do this is by using the right construction materials. The current market has many building materials to choose from. But, how do you choose the right construction materials to make your house more energy-efficient? Here are some of the most energy-efficient construction materials that you should consider. 

Recycled Steel 

Most steel is recycled from old steel. And, steel uses low energy amounts. It also emits minimal harmful carbon dioxide when compared to the other construction materials. This makes it a great option for people that need a green choice. What’s more, steel is durable and a good choice for places that are prone to earthquakes and high winds. 

Spray Foam Insulation 

Spray foam is the best alternative to cellulose insulation and traditional fiberglass insulation. It traps conditioned air inside a home thereby allowing for less leakage. As such, energy usage is reduced throughout the year. Spray foam has renewable material and it doesn’t produce harmful emissions. It is also shrink and water proof. This means it does have framing distortion. 

Bamboo Plywood 

This is awesome construction material for interior design. It can be used for elements like cabinetry, flooring, and wall coverings. This material is rapidly renewable with zero VOC. It is also as a sustainable resource. What’s more, bamboo plywood is beautiful and it adds greening elegance to a living space. This is a non-toxic and all-natural construction material that is is easy to work with as laminates or hardwood. 

Insulating Concrete Foams 

This construction material is produced by pouring concrete between different insulation material layers. Once poured, the concrete forms are locked into the structure of the home permanently. This leads to a higher strength level. An insulating concrete form is durable and energy-efficient. It’s also disaster-resistant and it prevents rotting, mildew, and mold growth. 

If looking for the most energy-efficient construction materials, consider these four options. You can also include thermostat radiant barrier sheathing for walls and the roof.

Local or National Home Builder – Who is the Best?

The choice of a home builder has greater impacts on the success of your home construction project. Today, there are many national and local home builders that you can hire when planning to build a home. However, each has unique merits and demerits that you should know to choose the right person for your project. The following are key facts about national and local home builders to help you in making an informed decision. 

National Home Builder 

As the name suggests, national home builders are larger and operate over wider regions. They are licensed to offer home construction services across the country, which contributes to their expansive coverage. Such companies usually have adequate capital, personnel and incentives to handle all kinds of home construction projects, hence greater convenience. 

National homebuilders have enough capital to acquire land and build homes in the best locations. Therefore, they can offer you a wide range of options for building a home that truly suits your lifestyle, needs, and budget. 

One of the setbacks of national home builders is that they handle a series of projects for different clients, which often impacts on relatively poor customer service. Besides, their rates are also usually higher. 

Local Home Builder 

Local home builders operate over a small area, mainly in selected states, cities, towns or municipalities. The companies are relatively smaller in size, which contributes less capital, inadequate personnel and equipment for home construction projects. 

Due to the limitations in the capital, local home builders often struggle with finding lots. That also contributes fewer options when it comes to the styles and sizes of home construction projects that they can handle. Since they operate in smaller regions and handle fewer clients, local home builders are very keen on offering personalized customer service. Local home builders are also more cost-effective. 

Overall, both professional national and local home builders have the best interests of their clients at heart. However, the best home builder to hire should be reliable and affordable. 

Who is a Custom Home Builder?

A custom home builder is basically a contractor that specializes in the constriction of individually designed houses for families. It’s a contractor that handles unique projects from the start to finish. The builder is involved in all phases of custom home construction. This includes designing, planning, and building. A custom home builder can work on houses of different styles and ensure that the final building suits the specifications of the owner. 

Hiring a custom home builder comes with numerous benefits. This contractor can execute any vision of a client. Simply share your custom home ideas with the builder to have them implemented and your vision made a reality. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a custom home builder. 

Specialized Custom Home Design

An experienced custom home builder will work with you in design, planning, and building phases to ensure that you get the home you desire. The builder provides a one-stop-shop for renovation and construction. The builder will capitalize on landscape features like a rising grade, a close tree line or view to give your home the look and feel you desire. 

Budget Control 

When building a custom home, you want to stick to the budget. Ideally, you don’t want to run out of resources before completing your project. A custom home builder will work with you to ensure that your building project stays within your budget. Essentially, the builder keeps expenses under control. 

Speedy Custom Home Construction 

When you hire a custom home builder, you get a team that communicates and coordinates all steps of your construction project. This keeps your project streamlined because you don’t have to wait for the designer, architect, and contractor to communicate. Everything is handled by one team and this speeds up the construction project. 

A custom home builder is a professional that handles a custom home project from the beginning to the end. Nevertheless, you need to choose your builder carefully to ensure smooth and successful completion of your project. 

How to Choose the Right Contractor for Your Construction Project

Choosing the right contractor for any construction project is very important because it enables you to achieve the results you desire. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your job is in the right hands. What’s more, Mr. Art from GT Roofing & Construction shares with us that hiring the right contractor protects you, your family, or employees from risks.

Today, there are different contractors from whom you should choose the professionals to hire depending on your needs. It’s however important that you take time to identify a contractor that will do your job right before you sign a contract with them. Basically, the contractor that you hire should depend on the nature and scope of your project.

Extensive Renovation

For an extensive or large construction or renovation project, combined repairs, or additions, hire a professional renovator or a general contractor. This professional will organize and take responsibility for every aspect of your project. Such a professional will handle design, permits acquisition, inspections, subcontracting tradespeople, as well as obtaining materials and products.

Renovation of Specific Rooms

When it comes to renovation of specific rooms of your home like the bathroom or kitchen, it’s important that you work with a specialty contractor. There are construction companies that specialize in kitchen renovations or bathroom renovations. These provide a wide range of solutions including design services, sale and installation of the necessary products. A renovation contractor can handle your project in a way that personalizes your living space.


There are contractors that specialize in the installation of fixtures like windows, roofing, or flooring. Some even install appliances as well as plumbing, heating, mechanical and electrical systems. These are qualified professionals with insurance and licensing to offer their services. They also offer repair for these systems when they break down.

Basically, the choice of a contractor should depend on the nature and scope of a construction project. Follow these tips to choose the right contractor for your upcoming project.

Importance of Maintaining the Records of a Construction Site

Many contractors, developers, authorities, property buyers, and consultants are mainly concerned about material waste and quality of the final building. However, construction site records are also important. They help in the reduction of waste materials while improving the final quality of the buildings. Here are some of the reasons why maintaining records of a construction site is important.

They Benefit the Client

Keeping field records of a construction project may benefit the client. For instance, a general contractor may need documentation of the report and activities at a construction site because they are important to the investor or client. That’s because an investor or client is spending money on a construction project. As such, they want to know what effect their expenditures have. Daily records provide a presentation of continuous progress at the jobsite. They explain the steps being taken towards achieving the final goal of the investor or client.

Refreshing Memories

Maintaining the records of a construction site refreshes the memory in terms of the activities that should be done at the construction site. Without a memory of the goals of a construction project, it’s easy to deviate. Therefore, records keep memories of the events, occurrences and discussions fresh. They refresh memories while providing important details from certain working areas, dates, and construction tasks.

Providing Insights into What Happens

Properly maintained records of a construction site provide better insights into what may have happened at a jobsite. This enhances future planning and organization. For instance, you can use the insights provided by construction site records to adjust your workforce or to reorganize work in order to enhance productivity.

Dispute Resolution

Archiving activities at a construction site provides a document that acts as a trail for the events. This document can be used to resolve future disputes if they emerge. For instance, you might need evidence of the issues or obstacles that cause project delays.

Basically, these are just some of the reasons to maintain records of a construction site. Use innovative technology and devices like your desktop, laptop, or mobile device to record what happens at your construction site.…

Effects of Digital Technology on the Construction Industry

The effects of digital technology have been felt in different industries. These effects are more visible in areas like manufacturing, retail, and agriculture. The construction industry is also taking advantage of the digital technology. Contractors and construction companies have become digitized. Here are some of the ways digital technology is affecting the construction industry.

Use of Mobile Software and Technology

Modern project managers and contractors are now monitoring progress of construction work away from their jobsites. Essentially, a contractor or project manager doesn’t have to move to a construction site at a remote location. They can do so from the office using a mobile device. Mobile software and technology has make project managers and contractors extremely efficient.

Employees can also use mobile devices to communicate and update contractors on progress. They can even send pictures for inspection and verification digitally. Special apps are being used to schedule, send reports, and manage work. This has led to significant improvement in productivity. The software used in the construction industry is largely cloud-based. Thus, any party involved in a construction project can easily access data on a real-time basis.

Use of Building Information Modeling

BIM has led to significant improvement in how people work in the construction industry. This technology enables contractors to represent buildings in 3D rather than traditional blueprints. It’s a solution that is shaping the construction industry’s future. Using predictions and historical data, the technology improves projects and the entire planning process.

3D models can be changed in real-time and the employees can have access to them and even communicate efficiently to discuss progress of the project.

Use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and AI enable contractors to use the collected data in their predictions. Intelligent sensors and mobile apps and robots increase safety and productivity at the construction sites. Contractors use them to come up with reports on the amount of work done and even predict completion time.

AI reports use algorithms that report errors on construction sites. That’s because the algorithms can recognize buildings on the basis of their size, location, and shape. Integration of technologies improves understanding of processes.

In addition, virtual reality is used in training workers while augmented reality is used to prevent potential hazards. GPS tracking is used for tool-tracking and delivery times monitoring. Contractors use analytics to analyze timelines, material costs and further steps in construction projects.

Overall, digital technology has led to reduced cost, improved profit margins, better collaboration, time efficiency, and enhanced productivity in the construction industry.…

Tips to Help You Hire and Work with the Right Contractor

Tips to Help You Hire and Work with the Right Contractor

When you decide to build a new home or renovate your building, you need to plan, save and budget. But, most importantly, you need to hire the right contractor and work with them to ensure that you get your desired results.

A good contractor will help you make your dream a reality. On the other hand, a bad contractor will give you unnecessary headache; waste your time and money. Here are tips to help you hire and work with the right contractor.


The first and most important step in the process of hiring a contractor is conducting research. Ask family members and friends to recommend a contractor they have worked with. Also search online to find reliable contractors that have been recommended most by their clients. Ask for references and check out the work of different contractors firsthand before you make your hiring decision.

Check Insurance and License

Make sure that the contractor that you hire is insured and licensed. A reliable contractor will provide a copy of their insurance and license. This means they are professionals with a clean record. Contractor insurance protects you in the event that something bad happens during your project.

Get a Written Contract

Paper trail is very important when it comes to working with a contractor. Get all details of the project written including the start date, end date, and payments. You can also have a lawyer review the contract before you sign it. If changes come up, make sure that they are also written down.

Specify What You Want

Share the definite idea of what exactly you want the contractor to do. Be explicit and let the contractor know how you want to achieve your goal. Additionally, pay keen attention to the jobsite. Make sure that you are always updated on progress at your site.

Follow these tips to make hiring the right contractor and working with them easy.

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Tips to remember when you are hiring your first construction contractor

When you are starting with your first construction project, you might be excited and can’t wait for it to be completed. However, there are some things that you should consider and remember when you are hiring your first construction contractor. The last thing that you want is to hire the wrong one for the job. These are some of the most important things that you should remember when you are hiring someone to do construction for you.

Woman signing construction contract with contractor to build a house

Find the one that has the most experience

You want to make sure that you are going to get high-quality work that is worth the money you have paid for it. This is why you should make sure that you are hiring a contractor that has the most experience. Finding one that is the cheapest, isn’t always the best option.

You don’t want to use the cheapest offer; you want to use the person with the most experience and that have some great reviews and references. This is a big mistake that so many people are making with their first construction project.

It is important to interview as many contractors as possible

You should interview as many contractors as possible before you decide which one you are going to use. You should make sure that he knows what you want and that he is qualified and experienced enough for your type of project.

Something that you should also consider is that you should be comfortable with him. You need to be able to trust him and to know that you are going to get what you are paying for.

The contractor needs to be registered and has business insurance

This is really important. You need to make sure that the contractor is registered and that it has business insurance. Without these two, you are going to risk getting more trouble than what you want to deal with. Many contractors are trying to get work, without a contractor’s license and they don’t have any insurance whatsoever. This means that when someone is getting injured on the job, you are responsible.

With knowing these tips, you should be able to hire the best contractor for your construction project. These are the top three things that you should consider. And, this is the most important things that you should look for in a contractor. Without these, you are risking to have a project that isn’t going to happen at all.