How Long Should Your New Construction Project Take?

Many people struggle to decide whether to build a new home or purchase a ready-built house. In most cases, property owners worry about their construction project’s duration. Unlike a pre-built home, moving into a new place takes longer than closing. That’s because your builder must design, build, and finish the house. But how long does a new construction project take?

The Average Time for Building a New House

In most cases, a new house takes around eight months to build, including acquiring permits and authorizations. Permits and approval can take a month, while the actual construction can take up to seven months. And this timeline is based on houses that contractors build for sale, like custom homes. That means a residence that homeowner constructs can take longer because they will have a smaller crew and less experience.

Perhaps, the best way to know the time your construction project will take is to work with a builder. Start by scheduling a consultation appointment with a builder to factor in the floor plan, structural features, and other aspects of your construction project that will influence its duration.

What Can Slow Down Your Construction Project?

After getting financing, every construction project step shouldn’t have issues when working with the right experts. However, your project can experience delays due to the following:

  • Authorization process: The process of acquiring the necessary permits and authorization from the local building and planning department can take longer than anticipated.
  • Weather: The local climate can also affect your construction timeline. For instance, a heavy downpour can slow down the project because the foundation will require more time to cure.
  • Topography: Maybe the soil on your building lot is tough to break. Rocks and hills on the construction site can also slow down your building process.
  • Construction style: Your building design might have features that will require more time to create or install. And this will extend your project’s timeline.

Working with a reputable builder could speed up your construction project. Nevertheless, don’t rush to finish your house and end up compromising on quality.